What are Greeting cards

Greeting card, a represented message that communicates, either genuinely or cleverly, love, cooperative attitude, appreciation, compassion, or different assumptions. Welcome cards are normally sent via mail in recognition of an exceptional day or occasion and can be isolated into two general arrangements: regular and ordinary.

Regular cards incorporate those for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, graduation, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day. Regular cards incorporate those celebrating birthday events, commemorations, or births; cards of sympathy, congrats, or fellowship; just as get-well cards, present cards, bon journey cards, and notes to say thanks.

Present day welcoming cards are typically of firm paper or cardboard, yet some are made of fabric, calfskin, celluloid, vellum, metal, or even wood, earth, stopper, or different materials. Size is controlled by regular utilization, the accessibility of appropriate envelopes, simplicity of mailing, and the arrangement of evaluating as indicated by cost and quality. Outrageous exemptions incorporate a recorded grain of rice exhibited in 1929 as a Christmas welcome to the sovereign of Wales and a Christmas card sent to Pres. Calvin Coolidge in 1924 that was 21 by 33 inches (53 by 84 cm). The engraved messages on cards may shift long from a short word or two to 100 words or more in writing or refrain.

Early Greeting Cards

The trading of outlined welcome among companions dates from antiquated occasions. In Egypt the new year was praised by the trading of representative presents, for example, aroma jugs and scarabs recorded au stomach muscle grab (“all good karma”). The Romans traded strenae, initially parts of shrub or olive, habitually covered with gold leaf.

Images of regular positive attitude, for example, a Roman light intrigued with the figure of Victory encompassed by strenae, were engraved with Anno novo faustum felix tibi sit (“May the new year be glad and fortunate for you”).

The affirmation of the new year with trades of cooperative attitude proceeded in Europe through the beginning of Christianity. Birthday Invitation Card